5 Ways to Keep Your Loved One’s Ashes Close to You

5 Ways to Keep Your Loved One’s Ashes Close to You

You have several choices when your loved one is cremated. While some people wish to spread the ashes somewhere meaningful or to bury them, others prefer to keep them close. If you want your loved one to remain nearby, here are some options.


A lovely urn can be the perfect place to keep ashes and you can select from a wide range of designs. From simple, monotone urns to elegant marble ones, there’s something to suit everyone. Your local funeral home should be able to direct you to the right choice for your needs.


Did you know that ashes can be turned into diamonds? Imagine that precious memory of that special person being forever pressed into a beautiful diamond. It can be added to a piece of jewellery that you will hand down for generations, ensuring they are always a part of the family.


Some tattoo artists will mix a bit of the ashes into their ink and then give you a memorial tattoo that literally makes that special someone a part of you. Not all artists can do this, so research before you take the leap. Many people get inked because they want to remember someone, but this way, their ashes are imprinted into a design on your skin.


A gorgeous paperweight with your loved one’s ashes included is another good way to keep them close. You’ll always have the paperweight nearby when you’re working and you can display it proudly if you don’t use it on your desk. Select a design that you’ll enjoy looking at and that you can really see yourself keeping nearby over time.


Finally, while this isn’t quite as near as a diamond ring or tattoo, you can have cremation ashes placed in a biodegradable urn with a tree seed in it. The ashes help the tree to grow big and strong and is a lasting, living memorial to that special person who left too soon. Choose from a range of tree types, including fruit trees, and enjoy having them watch over you from the garden.

There are so many wonderful ways to remember your loved ones, but if they’re cremated, these are just a few of the ways you can keep them near you. Choose the option you feel they would enjoy most and the one that will provide you with the most comfort.

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