Choosing The Right Coffin For Your Loved One

Choosing The Right Coffin For Your Loved One

When we lose someone close to us, it is only natural that we should strive to honour their memory and make the celebration of their life personal and thoughtful. However, in the time that follows the death of a loved one, it can be difficult to think clearly, and planning the different elements of a funeral may quickly become overwhelming.

One of the most important elements of any funeral or celebration of life is the coffin in which your loved one is buried or cremated. Choosing a coffin that is right for your friend or family member is an opportunity to lay them to rest in a way that is personal to them.

We understand that choosing a coffin for a loved one is never an easy task. In these circumstances, employing the services of a funeral director is invaluable as they are able to discuss your needs and the wishes of the deceased.

Here are a few things to consider when choosing a coffin, courtesy of Callum Robertson Funeral Directors.

Cremation Or Burial?

Firstly, it is important to consider whether the deceased is to be buried or cremated, as this will have an effect on the types of coffin that will be suitable.

Often, it will be specified in your loved one’s will whether they wish to be buried or cremated. However, if this choice is left to you, a trusted funeral director will be able to assist you, walking you through the different options and helping you reach an outcome that feels right.

Types Of Coffin

There are a variety of coffin types available, so you can be sure you’ll find one that is right for the friend or family member that has passed. Consider their preferences and wishes; perhaps the coffin will be a reflection of their values or the type of person they were.

Traditional Wooden Coffins

A traditional wooden veneered coffin remains a popular choice due to its sleek appearance and the air of sincerity and respect that it carries. Many choose this option as while they are true to tradition, they can also be decorated ornately for a personal touch.

Eco Coffins

Another option that is growing in popularity is eco coffins. Constructed from responsibly sourced materials such as wicker, cardboard or bamboo, these are the perfect choice for a loved one whose morals aligned with the planet and its protection.

Bespoke Coffins

Finally, as well as the more traditional styles, many people turn to personalised coffins for their loved ones to rest in. At Callum Robertson Funeral Directors, we understand the need for a coffin that reflects the life and energy of the deceased and pride ourselves on providing bespoke coffins complete with unique colours and designs.

If you’re looking for the perfect coffin to lay your loved one to rest, get in touch with Callum Robertson Funeral Directors today.

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