Coffin Prices UK: How Much Should They Cost?

If you are planning a funeral, you may be overwhelmed with how much you have to spend. Although the money is usually taken from your loved one’s estate, you still don’t want to overspend on certain aspects of their funeral. When choosing the coffin, you may be confused as to why coffins are so expensive when they are just going to be buried or cremated.

We’ve put together this blog to help you break down the cost of coffins and the different choices on offer to you.

Selecting a coffin or a casket

This can feel like an overwhelming choice to make, but you can take your time to consider what you and your loved one would have wanted. You may feel like you need to rush when organising a funeral, but really this just comes from the anxiety you feel to get things done. Your funeral directors will understand it’s a hard decision and help you with any questions you may have. Coffin makers and suppliers are used to meeting short deadlines, often only one or two days. It’s the nature of their industry and they will be very accommodating, even if you give them short notice.

Coffin material

Coffins and caskets are available in several different materials, common choices include traditional veneered wood, cardboard, willow and other imported woven materials like seagrass and banana leaf. If you are looking for a more eco-friendly option, then opt for cardboard or wicker coffins. These are renewable and natural and won’t cost you too much money.

Coffin prices and sizes

Obviously, different materials and suppliers will mean coffins can vary in price. If you are looking for cheaper options opt for something like veneered wood. Coffins can range in price from £350 to £800, or up to £1,000 for coloured or personalised options. You can choose to save money on coffins or opt for a more expensive option, the choice is entirely yours.

Looking for affordable coffin prices? Here at Callum Robertson Funeral Directors, we provide a wide variety of coffins in Kirkcaldy to help give your loved one the send-off they deserve. Get in touch for more information.

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