How Can Funeral Plans Benefit You & Your Family?

Funerals understandably make for a stressful experience for many individuals. From dealing with the financial stress to coping with the mourning process, arranging a funeral can be extremely overwhelming. One of the ways in which you can make this easier on your loved ones in the event of your passing is by arranging a funeral plan.

Read on below as we discuss how this can benefit both you and your family.

Relieve Financial Stress

Unbeknownst to many until it comes to arranging one, funerals are an expensive affair, with the average cost of a funeral in the UK sitting anywhere between £3000-£4000. Considering that they need to be arranged rather hastily, occurring between two to four weeks after the death, this is a large expense to have to pay in one go.

By arranging a funeral plan whilst you’re still alive, you will be relieving the burden of covering these funeral expenses on your family, taking away one less stress for them to worry about whilst allowing them to process and mourn your death properly.

Ensure Your Wishes are Honoured

Though many people don’t like to think about death, a large majority will still have some ideas on what they’d wish for their funeral to look like – whether that be certain songs to be played, a specific dress code or even where it would take place.

If you are one of those people, then creating a funeral plan is a great way to express these ideas in writing, so that, come the time of your passing, your family will know exactly what you wanted and are able to honour these wishes on your behalf.

Avoid Family Disputes

Leading on from having your wishes recorded in writing, this also has the additional benefit of minimising the chances of family disputes. Different members of your family may have conflicting ideas on what they think your funeral should be like, and with emotions running high at this difficult time this could easily lead to arguments.

By having your own wishes listed in your funeral plan, this allows your family to arrange your funeral according to what they know you would want, which not only takes some of the organisational pressure off them but reduces the chances of disputes occurring due to conflicting ideas.

Funeral Plans in Kirkcaldy

If you live in Kirkcaldy and are looking to create your own funeral plan, then enlist the help of us here at Callum Robertson Funeral Directors. Alongside our flexible funeral plans, we can help arrange other aspects of a funeral service including transportation, coffins and more.

For more information on our services and pricing, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today and we’ll be happy to discuss your options with you.

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