How to Make Your Loved One’s Funeral Special

How to Make Your Loved One’s Funeral Special

Funerals can often feel impersonal, however, they are deep-rooted in traditions and religion and offer you a great opportunity to give your loved one the send-off they deserve. Whether you opt for a motorcycle funeral, a horse-drawn hearse or an eco coffin, there are many ways you can make a funeral feel truly special.

Personalise the music

Music is something that can touch everybody and really add deeper emotion to a funeral or wake. Rather than choosing the same songs or hymns that people hear at many funerals, choose a few tracks or songs that your family member really loved and then represent them.

Serve their favourite food or drink

It may be easier to let the caterer handle the menu, however, don’t be afraid to ask for specific items. If your loved one has a favourite cake, sandwich or beet, make sure it’s on the menu so that everybody can enjoy it! Whether a pizza or a G & T, everyone will feel a little more connected to them knowing they are sharing their favourite food or drink.

Create a memory board

A memory board is a relatively inexpensive way to remember your loved one. Put up a display board with plenty of pictures of them with their friends and family. Everyone will love to be reminded of special moments with them and you can even leave space for people to write down their favourite memories with them.

Fireworks, butterflies or memory stones

A special way you can make the funeral unique is by setting off fireworks, releasing butterflies or creating memory stones. You can gather all their family and friends and enjoy a special moment together.

Firework displays are used for a whole range of events and special occasions and they could be a fantastic way to honour your loved one.

Give a memory gift

A memory gift is given to guests at the funeral, giving them something that will always remind them of that person. It could be a plant, seeds for trees or flowers, a copy of their favourite book or a card printed with their favourite saying or quote. It doesn’t have to be expensive, just a token that will always remind people of their loved ones.

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