How To Pick A Funeral Director

How To Pick A Funeral Director

When a loved one passes away, it is always a time for grieving and trying to honour their memory the best you can. The traditional way of doing this is to organise a funeral. This is an opportunity for friends, families and anybody in their life to come together to mourn and share stories, songs and any other memories they have with each other. However, a funeral is a big thing to plan for a person that is trying to grieve, so most people employ the help of a funeral director to assist them.

Here’s how to pick a funeral director.

What Do Funeral Directors Do?

A funeral director can assist you in the planning of a funeral and helps with the care of the deceased. This includes washing, dressing and preparing them for the funeral, along with the transport to the funeral and the graveyard. Most people don’t have experience planning a funeral, so a funeral director can assist with the more technical elements and make suggestions for the day.

How To Choose Your Funeral Director

Deceased’s Wishes

The first step in choosing a funeral director is to check the deceased’s wishes. They may have already outlined a funeral director or parlour that they wish to work with in their will. If this is the case you should always respect their wishes and work with who they want. If they haven’t mentioned anybody to work with, this is where you can then research funeral directors.


It’s important to work with a local funeral director. They are usually linked with a funeral parlour, so you want to pick somewhere nearby as the body will be held there. This will also save a lot of travelling back and forth to make arrangements. See if any of your family or friends have experience working with a local funeral parlour, you may find yourself getting a discount if there’s a connection.


You should always look up reviews of a funeral director before you decide to partner with them. This could be online reviews via their website, on a different review site or from word of mouth. You should be looking for the positive reviews to see what they do well but also examine any negative reviews to see what they say.

Similar Interests

You want to work with a funeral director who offers the type of funeral you’re looking for. So you wouldn’t partner with a director who only specialises in traditional funerals when you’re looking for an eco-friendly funeral.

Funeral Directors You Can Rely On

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