How to Plan a Celebration of Life

How to Plan a Celebration of Life

Not everyone wants to have a solemn funeral. If you’re interested in holding a celebration of life for someone you hold near and dear to your heart, it’s easier than you might think. Even in mourning, you can focus on the bright spots and the happy moments from someone’s life.

Here’s how you can plan a celebration of life.

Involve Everyone

Guests should attend with a story or photo of a favourite time in the deceased person’s life. They don’t have to share in public if they don’t want to but can place the photos or a written memory on a memory wall that everyone can contribute to. Have pens and paper available for those who didn’t bring something but would like to contribute. This makes the celebration of life a group effort, not just something by the family.

Play Favourite Music

Make a playlist of your loved one’s favourite music. This may even include music they wrote, played, or sang. It’s a wonderful way to bring their essence into the celebration and create the sort of space they would have loved.

Serve Food and Drink

This is a great time to enjoy favourite dishes and drinks that your departed loved one enjoyed. It can be catered or have people bring a dish that reminds them of a time with the person. They can share that memory and make it a unique way to share a final meal together.

Do Something Meaningful in Their Honour

Everyone’s life means something and that should be the theme of the day. Why not do something with your guests that will uphold a special memory and make the world a better place? Consider giving out memorial tree seedlings that can be planted by each guest, or perhaps everyone can contribute to a charity or scholarship fund that the departed was interested in. It really gives extra meaning to their life.

Send Them Off in Style

There are many ways to say goodbye and one common method is to release something as a symbol of releasing your loved one into eternity. Traditionally, balloon releases are done, but these can be harmful to animals and you may want to try something more personalised anyway.

Other ideas include:

  • Luminaries or floating lanterns set afloat in the evening air
  • Butterflies being released
  • Scattering wildflower seeds into a field
  • Blowing bubbles into the wind
  • Setting floating candles on a river

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