How To Plan A Meaningful Funeral For Your Loved One

Planning a funeral for someone you’ve recently lost can be overwhelming, upsetting and emotionally challenging. But, that doesn’t mean that their funeral needs to be a day of sadness. You can use this opportunity to create a meaningful and memorable service to honour your loved one. To find out more about planning a meaningful funeral service, keep on reading.

How To Create A Meaningful Service

Funeral planning can be difficult and challenging, but our simple steps break down the process. Before you go ahead and start adding your personal touches, ensure that the general plan of the service is ironed out. This might include:

  • Your loved one’s wishes
  • Event type
  • Venue
  • Coffin
  • Date & time
  • Speakers/speeches
  • Guestlist

Once you’ve ironed out these details, you can start adding some more memorable touches. Keep reading to hear our ideas for creating a service that will honour your loved one.

Theme & Decor

Don’t be afraid to get personal with your theme and decor at your venue. You can use your loved one’s favourite flowers, photos of them and other decorations that remind you of them. You could choose a theme that they really loved, no matter how obscure, as a way of honouring their memory.


If you don’t think a traditional venue is fitting, you could choose something more meaningful to your loved one and their family. It could be a place that they loved to go to, a garden, a museum…etc.

Memorial Tree

A gesture that many friends and family make for a loved one is by planting a memorial tree. Each memorial tree has its own symbolic representation, these are a few examples of different tree types and their meaning. Dedicating a tree to a loved one is a personal and organic way to celebrate their life.

  • Oak – Signifies knowledge and strength
  • Silver Birch – symbolic of new beginnings
  • Hazel – Associated with wisdom and learning
  • Cherry Blossom – A very beautiful and optimistic tree to plant in memory

Favourite Songs

Playing your loved one’s favourite songs is a nice way to incorporate a personal touch during the funeral. If you don’t want to go all out, this is a subtle way to remember them during the service.


Some funerals have guest books, where guests, family and friends can all write a message. It could be a memory, a message to family or whatever else they choose to write. This is a nice personal touch, allowing others to gain some closure by putting their message into the book.


If you feel like going all out, having a small fireworks display could be a fun way to end the funeral day. Having a fireworks display with your close friends and family can help you to round off the day in a positive way, honouring your loved one in a memorable but light hearted, fun way.

If you’re looking for advice with your funeral plans, here at Callum Robertson Funeral Directors, we are here to help. To learn more about our services, funeral prices and more, head to our website or contact us today for more information.

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