How to Reduce Funeral Costs

How to Reduce Funeral Costs

Over the past decade, funeral costs have increased significantly, and while we would all like to give our loved ones the very best funeral service possible, it’s not always easy to fit it into your budget. The average funeral service in 2020 cost £4,184. Funeral flowers, cars and crematorium charges soon add up and it can be difficult for grieving families to afford this. However, there are ways to save money so that you can give your loved one the right send-off.

Choose between a cremation or burial

Some people may specify what kind of service they would like, but if this isn’t the case you may find yourself choosing between a cremation or burial service. This can affect the cost so look into your options. Often cremation is less expensive than a burial, although this may also depend on other factors.

Choose the right funeral director

The funeral directors’ fees are a large portion of funeral costs. They are responsible for providing you with expertise and support every step of the way as well as arranging the collection and care of your loved one, liaising with all third parties on your behalf and coordinating the day itself. It’s vital you find the right funeral directors that are experienced and capable of delivering a high-quality service. This will ensure you don’t waste money on a poor service.

The cost of a memorial

A memorial will cost on average £824 so you should pick the one that you think suits your loved one the best. The cost will vary depending on the material you choose, the shape, the design and the preparation. You can also save costs by choosing to scatter their ashes, keeping their ashes at home or planting a tree on their behalf – whatever you feel is best.

Other considerations

Here are some other ways you can help keep funeral costs to a minimum.

  • Rather than paying for a large amount of funeral flowers, choose to have one coffin tribute and then ask for donations to a charity or organisation that you or your loved one choose.
  • Instead of paying for a caterer, provide your own food or ask a few family members to help you provide food for the wake.
  • Make use of free online funeral notice services to inform family and friends of the funeral details instead of paying for an obituary in the local newspaper.

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