No One Way to Mourn: Demystifying Myths Around Grief

Have you lost a loved one and are struggling to know how to cope? Grief is something that everybody processes differently, and as such, there is no right or wrong way to mourn. While some people will express it openly, others will hide it away; some grieve and move on, whereas others will mourn for a lifetime. If you’re concerned that you aren’t mourning “correctly”, we’ve dispelled some popular misconceptions around grief below to showcase how individual of a process it can be.

Myth 1: You Can Only Experience Grief When Someone Dies

We mainly speak of grief after the death of a loved one, but it’s not just a death-centric emotion. Many of us will experience grief and related emotions (depression, anxiety, anger) after different types of loss, such as a life-changing diagnosis or a relationship breakdown.

Myth 2: Time Heals All Wounds

While it may be the case that time grants us the opportunity to process and adjust to loss, it never magically eradicates grief. Some people struggle with heavy grief for years, and there’s no set time period for when you should be ‘over’ a bereavement.

Myth 3: If We Ignore Grief, It’ll Go Away

Many people don’t want to acknowledge their grief and will push it down so as to not deal with the pain. However, much like an itch that needs to be scratched, grief can eventually become all-encompassing if not felt. Talking, crying and even getting angry over your loss are all healthy ways to cope and will help you slowly move forward.

Myth 4: Getting Over Grief

Whether you lose a parent, child, relative or friend, there’s no expectancy to “get over” the grief. Through processing you can eventually learn to live alongside your loss in a way that isn’t a discredit to your loved one, but a way to honour their life through rebuilding your own.

Myth 5 – Closure is Necessary

Getting closure for your grief is not always that straightforward; it’s not as simple as “shutting the door” and moving on with your life. Grief is a healing process which can’t be forced, and while expressing feelings of loss is a manner of closure in itself, it’s important to accept that you can never really have full closure. After all, you don’t want to wipe their memory from your life. Reaching a point of acceptance is the best way to heal from your loss.

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