Planning a Funeral for a Biker

Planning a Funeral for a Biker

Planning a loved ones funeral can be hard, but it’s important to remember that it’s also an opportunity to celebrate their life. If your family member or close friends was a keen biker, have you thought about incorporating their passion into their funeral? Not only can these personal touches make you feel closer to them but every send-off should be special.

Here are some top ideas for planning a biker funeral.

Choose a motorbike hearse

Traditional modes of transport aren’t your only option when it comes to funeral vehicles. If you’d like something a little different, a motorbike hearse is a great gesture for motorbike lovers. Plus, fellow riders can follow behind in a motorbike procession.

Design a custom casket

Bespoke caskets are becoming increasingly popular. With options to inject some colour or design something completely unique, you can choose a casket that reflects the individuality of your loved one such as a motorcycle print.

Have a themed floral tribute made

Flowers are often an important part of a funeral and a great way of personalising the send-off. Floral tributes can be made in a range of colours and designs, for example, in the shape of a motorbike, in the colours of their motorbike club and more.

Create memorial patches

Some club members may wear memory patches on their jackets to commemorate a deceased biker. To go along with this tradition, why not have a unique patch made including their nickname or death date so everyone has something special to remember them by?

Arrange a drive-by salute

To commemorate the deceased, a drive-by is a way of paying your respects to a fellow biker. If you plan on scattering their ashes, the parade can pass the location on route or accompany the body to the final resting spot.

At Callum Robertson Funeral Directors in Kirkcaldy, Leslie and Dunfermline, we provide a range of professional funeral services. If the deceased was an avid biker, our team can help you plan a biker-themed funeral or find personal touches that make the send-off special. From transportation to caskets, we’ll guide you through everything. Get in touch with us today for more information.

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