Preparing A Eulogy

Preparing A Eulogy

Preparing and doing a eulogy or reading as part of a funeral service for a loved one is a meaningful and significant part of the bereavement process. There are usually a number of speakers throughout a funeral service who contribute meaningful speeches and readings of poems and verses. If you have been asked to give a eulogy it is important to remember that there is no right or wrong way to do this. Often the most important aspect is that it is personal to the speaker.

Read more for some information on the initial steps in preparing a funeral reading.

Talking To Family And Friends

Discussing the reading or eulogy with family and friends can be an important step in preparing for a funeral service. When writing a eulogy it is often difficult to know where to start. One useful step can be writing down treasured memories that could form part of the eulogy. Talking it through with loved ones can also be helpful as well as being an important part of the bereavement process. Often, the person who is arranging the funeral will have readings in mind. However, if there is a reading that you think would be appropriate for the funeral service suggestions are often appreciated.

Practising The Reading

Public speaking in any context is often an intimidating experience. One step that can help with nerves before speaking in public is practising the reading. This can be helpful from a number of standpoints. One factor is that there is a tendency to speak more quickly when giving a speech partly as a result of nerves. By practising a reading, you can establish a pace which can be maintained when delivering the reading. It is important to remember that a funeral celebrant can take over with a reading at funeral services if it is too difficult and there is always enormous appreciation for this meaningful and thoughtful contribution to a funeral service.

Get In Touch

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