Preserving A Loved One’s Memory

Preserving A Loved One’s Memory

Those of us who have experienced loss understand that the feeling is somewhat indescribable. Though the death of a friend or loved one is inevitable for all, it is still one of the most emotionally challenging periods in anyone’s life.

Of course, the grieving process is different for everyone, and different losses may affect individuals in their own unique way. However, one way that people are often able to begin the healing process, is by doing something to preserve the memory of their loved one in some way.

We all want to remember and honour the important people who have passed in our lives; preserving their memory is a means of feeling connected to them, even when they are no longer with us.

Here are a few methods of preserving a loved one’s memory, courtesy of Callum Robertson Funeral Directors.

Meaningful Funeral Service

One of the many ways to preserve a loved one’s memory is by holding a memorable funeral service. Of course, a funeral is never an easy experience, but making it personal to your loved one is a touching way to ensure that their life is celebrated and remembered, as well as mourning their loss.

As the days and weeks following a loss are often a blur of emotion, the services of a trusted and experienced funeral director can make a huge difference and help to alleviate some stress.

A good funeral director will be thoughtful and understanding of your needs, doing all they can to arrange a funeral that is personal and preserves the memory of your loved one.

Urns & Memorials

Moreover, another means of ensuring that your loved one’s memory lives on, is by choosing an urn or memorial that will exist as a physical reminder of their life.

If your loved one is cremated, a unique urn or keepsake is a beautiful way to store the ashes, for as long as it feels right. While some choose to scatter the ashes soon after the funeral service, keeping the urn as a reminder of a loved one is also common.

Additionally, a bespoke memorial is an equally beautiful reminder of your loved one’s time with you. Perhaps a personalised headstone or memorial plaque is the perfect way to cherish the memory of a friend or family member, allowing flowers to be left and visitors to reminisce.

Celebrate Their Life

Finally, there are many touching ways to preserve the memory of a loved one after they pass. No matter how much time has gone by, it is always nice to be able to do things to revisit memories and spend a moment thinking of them.

Why not raise a glass to them when their birthday comes around, or carry on a tradition that they may have started in your family. Whatever you choose to do, if your loved one is on your mind, their memory lives on.

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