Selecting the Perfect Coffin

Selecting the Perfect Coffin

When you’re planning a funeral, there are a number of things to consider and you’ll be quite occupied just managing all the details. However, choosing the coffin is a very important part of the funeral planning process and you’ll want to take the time to select just the right one for your deceased loved one.

If you’re planning your own funeral ahead of time to save your family the difficulties of handling funeral preparation once you have passed, the coffin is also very important. It’s the final resting place and where your physical body will remain.

Consider Your Loved One’s Preferences

What did they love? Sometimes you will look at a coffin and immediately realise that there’s no way they would have approved of it. Someone who liked simplicity in life would appreciate a simpler casket design, rather than one that is adorned with many decorations. Likewise, someone who always appreciated the more elegant things in life would really enjoy a coffin with adornments.

You should look at the coffins available to you with a thought to your loved one’s desires. They may not be here to enjoy it, but the coffin represents their tastes to those attending the funeral.

Types of Coffins

There are a variety of coffins to choose from, so it may take a little time to determine which option is best. Start by narrowing down the selection by the type of coffin. Then you can look at the choices within that category and make a selection.

At a time when you’re likely overwhelmed already, choosing by category can make the process simpler.


The more traditional coffins are usually made of wood or metal and they may be simple in design or may include mouldings and decorations to add a special touch to them. Many also include handles for the pallbearers. These are for those who prefer a more classic look for their funeral and are often the first choice.


For those who desire a green funeral, choosing an eco-friendly coffin is a must. These coffins are made of cardboard, wicker, or bamboo, or another type of material that is easily biodegradable and responsibly sourced. If you wish to ensure that your loved one’s departure is as green as their life, this is a good choice.


A custom coffin allows you to really express who the deceased was in life. Custom coffins range from regular coffins that have been decorated to a theme to more extravagant coffins that are shaped like a favourite item, such as a piano or car.

You have many choices to make in the days leading to the funeral and the coffin is certainly one of the more impactful ones. It is the centrepiece of the event and you will want it to represent the person who has passed.

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