Spectacular Scatterings: Unique Ways to Scatter Ashes

In the UK, cremations are actually the more popular choice over burials when it comes to how our bodies are handled in death. Whilst burials are often signified with gravestones and memorial plaques, with cremations it’s the ashes that hold significance.

Whilst some people may wish to keep these displayed in urns or have them encased within jewellery that can be passed down as a family heirloom, one of the most popular choices is to scatter the ashes. If you’re wanting to scatter the ashes of a loved one but aren’t sure where or how to do so, we’ve put together this short list detailing some unique ways that ashes can be scattered.

Read on to find out more, as one may resonate with you.

Send them Sky High

Mother nature can never be controlled, and you may find that the wind isn’t on your side when it comes to scattering ashes… at least when doing so on the ground, that is. Aerial scatterings instead work with the wind to create a magnificent memorial display that is visually very poignant.

This can be done in various ways; for example, you could opt to have the ashes scattered out of a plane, or even use a drone if you wish to have an element of control over the scattering.

Alternatively, if you’d feel more connected to your lost loved one by scattering the ashes yourself, you could do so from a hot air balloon, scattering their ashes amidst the panoramic views of an area that meant a lot to them.

Out with a Bang

If your loved one was known for being eccentric, energetic and the life of the party, then you may consider something a bit more dramatic to commemorate and celebrate them and the life they lived – and what’s a better way to do so than fireworks?

Your loved one’s ashes can be placed into fireworks, so that when they’re scattered they will light up the night sky for all to see in a truly memorable send-off.

Since each firework used for a scattering can only hold little amounts of the ashes, it’s even possible to scatter only a portion of them whilst getting to keep the rest either in an urn or any other commemorative keepsake.

Seaside Send-off

While sea scatterings are fairly commonplace nowadays, they remain just as beautiful. If your loved one loved boating, fishing or simply lived by the coast, then sailing out to sea to scatter their ashes across the ocean is a considerate way to say goodbye outside of the funeral service – allowing them to travel the world even in their passing.

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