Things You Can Talk About At A Funeral

Things You Can Talk About At A Funeral

Attending a funeral can be sad and disconcerting. Funerals don’t happen very often, and the people who attend have some delicate emotional states. Chances are you will, too, if you knew the deceased quite well. Here are some tips on how to navigate a funeral with some decorum.

Read more for some guidance on topics you can talk about at a funeral.

Personal Anecdotes

Whether it’s in the eulogy or sometime during the wake, personal anecdotes are an excellent way to make conversation with relatives at a difficult time and remember some of the qualities and personality traits of the deceased. Personal anecdotes are both meaningful and suitable.

There are different types of personal anecdotes to tell; some of them are funny, while others are inspirational, comforting, or friendly. Decide on the mood of your anecdote, then find a suitable time and person to tell it to. In most cases, the same story can be used many times at the event.

Fond Memories

Fond memories are similar to personal anecdotes, but they can also include memories of their favourite things, for example, their favourite poems, songs, holidays, meaningful people in their lives, and their beloved pets. Sharing a fond memory creates an instant bond between people.

Chances are you’ve had some time to reflect on the life of the deceased before the funeral. Bring to mind some of the fond memories you have of that person and make a shortlist. You might even spend some time journaling before the funeral to clarify some of the fond memories.

Meaningful Moments

Life is full of meaningful moments, something a person did or said that changed the course of their lives forever; in many cases, these meaningful moments led to marriage, children, and a happy life of adventure and relationships. Relatives at funerals don’t have the same memories.

When you share a meaningful moment at a funeral, the response you get can be one of recognition or one of surprise; either way, you make a meaningful connection with someone at the wake in relation to the deceased. Expect to have a long conversation about the person’s life.

Interests and Hobbies

The deceased probably had an interest or hobby they loved. What was it, and do you have any fond memories of spending time with them on a boat or a golf course? People at funerals love to hear about what made the life of the deceased special, so try to share some hobby memories.

Think of a time when the deceased performed particularly well in their chosen hobby or failed miserably. Think of a time when they travelled for their interest or won an award. You could also talk about why that person loved their interest and what drew them to it in the first place.

Life Achievements

Whether it is a successful family, work promotion, or award given for service, life achievements are an excellent subject to raise at a funeral. If you want to connect with relatives and generate positivity at the wake, discuss the things that made life meaningful and special for the person.

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