Unusual Ideas For Making a Funeral Memorable

Unusual Ideas For Making a Funeral Memorable

Funerals are a time for remembrance and celebration of life, so putting your own spin on things is a great way of making the day extra special. There are plenty of personalised gestures that can evoke happy emotions and give the funeral the perfect a memorable feel just as your loved one deserved.

Here are some creative ideas that you can incorporate into your funeral planning.

Create a memory table

A photo, handwriting, clothing and so much more can instantly remind you of the past. Gathering meaningful belongings of your loved one or even small, silly items that represent happy times is a great way for people to grieve in a positive way. You could even set up multiple tables that each represent a different stage of their lives.

Pick a theme

Who said funerals have to be in all black? Inject some colour into the day by picking a colour scheme, such as the deceased favourite colour, or a theme relating to them. Colour is a simple yet effective way of lifting the mood and adding some personality to the day.

Give out customised memorial gifts

As the day comes to an end, a customised parting gift will allow mourners to keep remember the loved one at home. Bespoke candles, plants or a copy of the deceased favourite book are all great examples of memorial gifts but the possibilities and endless.

Personalise the casket

If you can’t find the right casket, a personalised design could be the best option. Covered in the logo of their favourite football team, for example, or something else that was close to them, bespoke caskets have become very popular.

At Callum Robertson Funerals, we understand that every sendoff is different. Our professional team are on hand to help you plan the personal touches that every funeral should have, whether that’s a bespoke urn or carefully created headstone, we can help. Find out about our wide range of funeral services today. Get in touch with us for more information.

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