What Exactly Is an Eco-Friendly Burial?

What Exactly Is an Eco-Friendly Burial?

Funerals should reflect the personality of our loved ones. When we lose someone, it’s nice for the family to get together to mourn and celebrate their dearly departed’s life in the way that they would have liked. For those who are passionate about the environment, eco-friendly burials are a popular final farewell. Here, we provide more information on what exactly they are.

What is an Eco-Burial

Eco-funerals are funerals which keep the harmony of the environment in mind during the process. Most coffins do not easily decompose and the depth that coffins are buried at can slow down the process even further. Eco-burials aim to reduce these impacts.


For those considering an eco-funeral for their loved one, the first step is to choose an eco-coffin. These coffins and caskets are made from materials which easily decompose. Bamboo, cardboard and wicker are popular materials.

Woodland Burials

As well as choosing a suitable type of coffin, many of those who want to provide an eco-burial for their loved one also choose an environmentally-friendly location. Rather than choosing a densely utilised cemetery, woodlands can be chosen instead. This is often a choice for those loved ones who spent much of their lives in the outdoors.

Burying Closer To The Soil Level

To ensure that an eco-friendly funeral is as environmentally-friendly as possible, you can also bury your loved one closer to the surface of the soil. This can help to feed the earth and make the burial more eco-friendly.

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