What To Do With Your Loved One's Ashes

What To Do With Your Loved One’s Ashes

While the majority of people still wish to be buried after they die, there has been a rise lately in cremation services. People choose to be cremated for numerous reasons, such as not being religious so not wanting to be in a church graveyard or not wanting to leave an impact on the environment.

Whatever the reason, after the funeral or service you will be left with your loved one’s ashes. They may have already outlined what they want to do with these ashes in their will, or it might be up to you and their other family/friends to decide what to do with them.

Here are a few ideas for what to do with your loved one’s ashes.

An Urn

The most common thing done with ashes is to put them in an urn. These can then be displayed in a home as a permanent reminder of your loved one or then buried. There are many types of urns you can get, such as modern designs, classical or eco-friendly. You can also get them in a range of materials such as marble, metal, glass or wood. You probably want to pick an option that you think your loved one will enjoy.


Many people decide to be cremated because they wish their ashes to be scattered somewhere. This could be somewhere they love to go or a place with significant meaning. You should check your loved ones will to see if they have specified a specific location. If not you should scatter the ashes somewhere you know will mean something to them. Just be aware you need the landowner’s permission before you scatter ashes somewhere.


A great way to keep your nearest and dearest closest to you is by making their ashes into keepsakes. You can have the ashes made into a stone that you can wear as a ring, necklace or bracelet. Another keepsake is to turn their ashes into the sand in an hourglass. This is an eye-catching and poignant way to remember the time you spent with your loved one.

Urns & Funeral Services From Callum Robertson

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