Cremation Urns In Kirkcaldy

At Callum Robertson Funeral Directors in Kirkcaldy, Leslie and Dunfermline, we can guide you through our range of cremation urns and keepsakes. Call us today for personl advice and guidance from our team.

Unique Urns

For some, a cremation urn is a temporary arrangement, whilst others keep theirs for a long time. However long you plan to hold on to it, Callum Robertson Funeral Directors will provide you with the perfect urn, whether you want something plain and simple or an urn with intricate and detailed decoration.

Creative Celebrations

People often choose cremation because they like the idea of having the ashes near them, as a constant reminder of the special person they once knew. As well as offering a huge range of urns, we can also provide you with inventive keepsakes. How about having the ashes encased in a beautiful paperweight? Or have them made into a diamond? It would make a fantastic heirloom, ensuring that the memory of your loved one survives for generations to come.

A Spectacular Farewell

Many people who request cremation do so because they like the idea of having their ashes scattered – and if your loved one was an adventurous type, you might want to upgrade their send-off. We can arrange for the ashes to be ejected from a plane during a memorial display. Or, perhaps even more dramatic, we can place the ashes inside a firework, so that your loved one lights up the night sky for all to see. Get in touch with us to discuss your requirements.

Speak To Our Team

Visit us in Kirkcaldy and Dunfermline to hear more about the range of cremation urns and keepsakes we have to offer.

For more on our selection of cremation urns, contact us today on 01592 595 000

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