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Coffin bearer carrying casket at funeral to cemetery

Providing you with choice when it comes to coffins and caskets

At Callum Robertson Funeral Directors in Kirkcaldy, Leslie and Dunfermline, we can provide a range of modern and traditional coffins. Talk to us to see how we can help find a coffin or casket that is fitting and unique.

Traditional wood coffins and classic designs

When it comes to saying goodbye to a loved one and organising a funeral, the coffin remains one of the most important choices. Whether you choose burial or cremation, the coffin is the centrepiece and can help to reflect the deceased’s personality and spirit. It’s important to pick something fitting for your loved one and the team at Callum Robertson Funeral Directors are here to help.

Our traditional wood veneered coffin has been a popular choice for decades and always carries a sense of dignity and sobriety. You can choose from light oak to dark mahogany all with solid hardwood mouldings. These coffins can be simple or ornately decorated with raised lids and panels to the sides. If you would like to talk to us and understand the different options available to you when it comes to choosing a coffin or casket, you can visit it us at one of our local branches in Kirkcaldy, Dunfermline or Leslie. Alternatively, call us on 01592 595000.




Wooden casket made of Cherry in a funeral home

A unique coffin that is fitting for your loved one

Custom coffins

Whilst most people still favour traditional ceremonies, over the years, we have seen that it is becoming increasingly popular to turn a traditional funeral into a more personalised celebration of the loved one’s life. There are no rules when it comes to saying goodbye and if you’re looking to inject some colour into a funeral ceremony, we can provide a unique coffin, styled to reflect the individuality of your loved one.


Photos, images and unique designs can be added to a different material, and we work closely beside you to help you choose a coffin or casket that you feel is fitting for the deceased. We are here to support you, and how you want to say goodbye.

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Coffins that are environmentally friendly

As the world becomes more aware of human environmental impact, the requests for environmentally friendly coffins and green funerals are becoming more popular. If your loved one cared about protecting the planet, why not continue their legacy with an environmentally friendly coffin? We can provide coffins made from responsibly sourced materials such as willow, bamboo, wicker and cardboard.

At Callum Robertson Funeral Directors we have three locations, and we cover the communities of Leslie, Kirkcaldy, and Dunfermline. We always respect the wishes of the deceased and the deceased’s friends, family, and loved ones, and our eco-friendly funeral options are no exception. We can help you to minimise the impact on the environment when the time comes to say goodbye. Get in touch with us now to chat with our caring and compassionate team or take a look at our other services which include memorials, and funeral transport.

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Find out more about your choices of traditional, modern, custom and

eco-friendly coffins and caskets.

Call your local branch or use the form provided, and we’ll get back to you soon.
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